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What is this mystique, code-named FTKL? Inquiring minds want to know.

FTKL is a promising new tickle fetish media producer with a long and tested history is high-end graphic illustration with a style that forces the mind to engage, focus and obsess in ways that make you feel great. Follow him on twitter at and visit his clip store today at

Without further delay, here is the tickling world according to FTKL.


Well, I was raised on comic books, cartoons, old spy/detective and sci-fi action TV shows, especially the campy ones  (Man From UNCLE, Batman, The Avengers, Charlie's Angels, etc.) and swashbuckling movies.  I can remember having a "thing" for women's feet, especially tickling them, since I was about 4 or 5.  Tickling scenes in my fave cartoon shows and other mainstream media always caught my eye, but I was only interested when the victim was a woman, especially a sexy one ... especially a bad-ass, dominant or downright bitchy one.  For example, the tickle scene in "North To Alaska" with Capucine is still a fave of mine. 

But that wasn't enough.  I wanted to see women who were used to being in control tied up and tickled half-insane.  Women who could normally strike fear into the hearts of lesser men (and challenge the greater ones).  In short, female icons like Catwoman, Wonder Woman, the badder of the Bond girls, like Xenia Onatopp, and the super glamorous and deadly femme fatales of film noir and old detective movies.  These were, and still are the women that "do it" for me, not only in regard to tickling, but just in general.  Especially the "bad girls".  They're beautiful, capable, smart, strong and carry an element of danger that's immeasurably sexy.  And from a theatrical standpoint, especially since any story with a protagonist and antagonist is a morality play of some sort, these ladies need to be punished, if justice is to be done.  Having the penchant for comedy and irony that I do, what better way than to give these Amazonian, always-in-control, bad-ass babes a weakness that makes them (symbolically) as helpless and out of control as their victims?  And what better just desserts for that weakness to be "discovered" by the clever hero or heroine who captures such a villainess and decides to interrogate her by tying her up and tickle torturing her feet?  Seeing the iconic femme fatale completely undone by a foot-tickling is an unparalleled comedic irony, in my book.  

So, having said all this, imagine my surprise when I discovered I wasn't the only one with this vivid fantasy.  Other deviously creative minds, like artists Franco Saudelli and BAC also had this vision and were sharing it with the fetish community.  I was inspired, to say the least.  Now, both my illustrated work as well as my photos and video media reflect all of the aforementioned.  My e-comic, "Vellicatrices Unlimited" (available at ) represents much of what I would like to have seen more of in cartoons, as a tickle fetishist.  My pics and vids do much the same, but casting models is harder than just drawing a character that I need.  The model needs to become, or better yet BE a living cartoon character.  More often than not, she must not only be sexy but also strong, confident (cocky, actually), clever and do it all with a campy, over-the-top sense of humor.  Even my shrinking violets can't really be portrayed by weak-willed women. 

Fortunately, many of the models with whom I've worked, such as Jamie Daniels, Goddess Dee, Amo Morbia, Angela Von Pain, Kerri Taylor and Sienna Aldridge, understand this concept very well.  Other more recent ladies, like Angela Blaque, Cake, Lexi Joya, Naturale, Goth Girl Charlie,Tatiana Petrova and internationally-renowned Diana Knight have been key in making my work more than just the "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" style of fetish media and bringing my tales of tickle justice to life.  LOL.  I look forward to working with them more in future.  Check them out at my clips store and my images store    


~Phil Simmons (FTKL)